What Is A Kingdompreneur?

A kingdompreneur is a person that knows that the reason for he or she acquiring wealth is that they might become a distribution center for God to make the world a better place. Their wealth is about building up and supporting righteous and good causes. God will always give seed to the sower!


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If you would like to be featured in Kingdompreneur Magazine, no problem. We welcome newcomers as well as established speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and business owners. KM is a digital promotional magazine that is shared with over three million people via social networks and eblasts. It is not subscription based, therefore, we are not driven by sales. With a global network of strategic partners in Asia, Canada, Africa, Europe, South America, India, etc., we are able to market to a community of people who share the same sentiment and desire.
Our goal is to highlight incredible individuals who are doing exceptional endeavors in the business community with a faith-based conscious. We no longer want to be the borrowers: we want to be the lenders!


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