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Here is how we distribute book differently than other publishers. We call our system "multi-platform." We publish each book in four versions:  paperback, hard cover, eBook and audio book. I'm not aware of any publisher whose distribution system exceeds ours.

We place the eBooks on approximately approximately 100 distribution sites like, and including: Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Apple's iBooks, Kobo and Etc.  (See a few below)

We print (at our expense) a minimum of 2,000 copies of each book we choose for publication. This is to keep ahead of the curve with distribution.

We feed our product data through our distribution channels to all of the key retailers in the country including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Baker & Taylor, Ingram and all of the Christian trade (Family, Mardel, Christian Book Distributors, Send the Light, etc.) through Advocate Distribution Solutions.

Retailers place their orders with Advocate before 1:00 p.m., and their order prints and ships the same day. Advocate buys the books, CDs and DVDs from us (the publisher) at a discount off retail, subtracts the print cost from the gross amount and sends the balance to us (the publisher.)

We actually stock in Book Stores anywhere from 100-2,000 books nationwide for each book we publish within 120 days of finished product.

Authors receive royalties of 70% of our publishing net profit for sales of eBooks; audio books; hard cover books; and 60% of our net profit for perfect-bound (paperback) books. That's 70% and 60% of publisher's net--after printing, promoting, and retailer's discount costs. These royalties are paid quarterly.

The bottom line:  Approximately 100,000 online and offline stores from Barnes & Noble to the smallest mom and pop Christian bookstore will receive notification of, and have access to your book.


United States
Baker & Taylor
Barnes & Noble
Espresso Book Machine
Participating Stores: Sam’s Club, Walmart

& Target

United Kingdom | Europe Partner
Book Depository Ltd
Books Express
Coutts Information Services Ltd
Designarta Books
Eden Interactive Ltd
Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)
Mallory International
Paperback Shop Ltd
The Book Community Ltd.
W&G Foyle Ltd.
Wrap Distribution   

Australia & New Zealand Partner
Rainbow Book Agencies
The Nile James Bennett
Dennis Jones & Associates
Peter Pal University Cooperative Bookshop


E-Book Distribution
A Book Company LLC (
All Romance eBooks
Amazon Kindle**
Apple®* - Trade US
Artech House - Technical Manuals US
Asia Books - Trade Thailand
Baker & Taylor - Trade US
Barnes & Noble Nook  - Trade US
Better World Books (Qumpus, Inc)  - Trade US

Bilbary  - Trade UK
Blinkbox Books— formerly GoSpoken/Mobcast - Trade UK - Trade Netherlands
Bookshop Krisostomus - Trade Estonia
Booktopia - trade Australia
Campus eBooks - Educational
Denmark - Trade US
CoreSource Fulfillment - Trade Worldwide
Covenant - Christian US
DEA Media Group - Trade Italy
Disal Books - Trade Brazil
DMC - Trade US
EarlyAccess, Inc.
dba - Trade US
eBookMall - Trade US
eBookShop - Trade South Africa
eReatah - Trade US
FeedBooks - Trade France
Fishpond - Trade New Zealand/ Australia - Trade Japan
Gardners - Trade UK
Hastings - Trade US
Infibeam - Trade India - Trade South Africa
Kobo Books - Trade Canada Internet GmbH Trade Germany - Trade US

Majesty Media Christian Canada

Mardel, Inc. - Christian US

MBS Books (eBook) - Textbooks US
Mediander - Trade US
Mobile Systems, Inc - Trade US
MobiLire - Trade France
Mogul View Media - Trade Switzerland
MPH Online - Trade Malaysia

Mediander - Trade US
Mobile Systems, Inc - Trade US
MobiLire - Trade France
Mogul View Media - Trade Switzerland
MPH Online - Trade Malaysia
Off World Books - Trade US
Online Book Place - Trade India
Oyster Books - Trade US
Paddle - Trade UK
Page Foundry - Trade US
Parable - Christian US
Prints India - Trade India
QBend LLC - Trade India
Rethink Books/Bookshout! - Trade US
Repro India - Trade India
Riidr - Trade Denmark
Sainsbury’s—formerly Anobii - Trade UK

Saraiva e Siciliano - Trade Brazil
SBS Special Book Services - Trade Brazil
SHOP.CA - Trade Canada
Sony Trade - US
Suomalainen - Trade Finland
Txtr - Trade Germany
TookBook - Trade Croatia
Tradebit - Trade Germany
TreeFree - Mobile Trade US
VitalSource - Trade US
WaveCloud - Trade US
Webster - Trade Italy
XAMOnline - Textbooks US

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