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Jabez Books Writer's Agency was established in the year 2000 with the goal in mind to assist authors in writing, publishing and promoting their books. Over the years, many of the authors, we have collaborated and worked with have become best-selling authors, community leaders, business owners, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, and TV and radio hosts. Jabez Books is so proud to have had a hand in making such wonderful things happen for so many incredible leaders and writers.
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Thoughts From The Man Cave
Thoughts From The Man Cave

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Thoughts From The Man Cave
Thoughts From The Man Cave

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Our Writer's Agency has assisted thousands of authors in various aspects of the self-publishing book industry. From concept to content; to developmental writing to a completed manuscript, our Writer's Agency is poised to make sure your dream to become a published author comes true.

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Our strategic promotional campaigns are the plumb line to everything we do. From coordinating presale promotional campaigns to designing promotional flyers; from writing press releases to creating high powered video commercials (to be aired on mainstream TV); Jabez Books Writer’s Agency is equipped to design a personal campaign for your book and brand.

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We set up your book to be sold and printed for distribution from 3000 to over 100,000 retail outlets through Ingram, Jabez Books online book-store, educational institutions, academic libraries, online bookstores; and into Jabez Books' partnership bookstores, businesses, churches and event centers.

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For many of our authors, this is their first time writing and publishing a book. Our book coaching and consulting services give authors the support and information they need to understand the publishing industry as well as how to do things better in the future as a writer along with providing entrepreneur training to assist with maximizing their book projects.

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