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As the CEO of Clark's Consultant Group, Dr. Shirley Clark would like to invite you to join her and her team of media experts for an unforgettable "Ultimate Media Impact Weekend Getaway." This weekend will take place at a million dollar estate in the Atlanta, GA area. However, if we don't have enough people to sign up for the Weekend Getaway, we will host it at a hotel in the same region. The exact location will be disclosed when your registration has been paid in full and/or when we are able to assess whether we will be at the estate or at a hotel. If we have to move the event to a hotel, it will be a 4 star and above hotel.


We are thrilled to have this incredible opportunity to offer this deal to a select group of movers and shakers who are making a major impact in the marketplace. If this is you, we have designed this weekend for you! And we know this opportunity is not for everyone (this is a faith-based weekend; Christian Television opportunity), as it was designed for those who spend much of their time creating and producing wealth, therefore, they don't have the time to set up the media coverage they desire. But I also know there might be some aspiring marketplace leaders that might want to take advantage of this opportunity. If this is you, we welcome you as well. 


This weekend you will learn:

  • What it is to be a public figure.

  • Why it is so important as a public figure to manage your reputation.

  • How to avoid being misquoted by the media.

  • How to reduce tension when being interviewed

  • How to look better on camera

  • How to create interest around your brand.

  • How to connect your brand with celebrities to open up radio, TV and media opportunities for you

  • How to properly prepare for a radio interview.

  • How to identify "loaded" questions.

  • How to create amazing videos.

  • How to become a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.

​​Benefits from this week:

  • You will be prepared to take on the following media outlets while feeling relaxed and in control:

  1. Newspaper Interviews (Live TV)

  2. Press Conferences

  3. Live TV

  4. Ambush Interviews

  5. TV Talk Show

  6. Internet Interviews

  7. Training Videos

  8. Telephone Interviews

  9. Radio Talk Shows

  10. Book Signing Tours

  11. Edited News Programs

  12. Sales Presentations

Other Benefits

  • Your media kit will be strengthened

  • You will learn how to get free publicity

  • You will learn what it is like to truly be a public figure

  • You will learn how to handle negative comments and reviews online

  • You will learn how to read prompts cards while staying focused


Below are the packages you can choose from to start your journey into becoming more a world class radio & television personality.

          16 Media Opportunities                20 Media Opportunities                26 Media Opportunities

Food is included also

Select Platinum Package and receive $2000 more of value services:

  • Be featured in another one of our partners' magazine

  • Get a FREE copy of the book, "Free Publicity"

  • Be featured on Jabez's BlogTalk Radio Show

  • Review current website & reface landing page if it is needed

  • Be a Guest Speaker at one of our upcoming events/conferences

  • Receive a free vendor booth at any of our upcoming book expos

  • Author's book will be featured on Dr. Shirley Clark's "Rich Minds" Youtube Book Review Vlog, Owner of Jabez Books

  • Author will be interviewed on Facebook Live

Flex Payment Plan Available

If you would like to attend our Ultimate Media Impact Weekend Getaway and you don't have all the money to invest at one time, no problem, we have a flex payment plan to help YOU achieve your dream.

For the $5000 package, you can pay it in 2 payment installments

For the $8500 package, you can pay it in 3 payment installments

For the $10,500 package, you can pay it in 4 payment installments

Bronze Flex Pay Plan

Gold Flex Pay Plan
Platinum Flex Pay Plan
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